Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've been called a 'bad Canadian' because I support an American athlete at the Olympics. But really, how can that be? I've been a fan of Bode Miller for years and it had never been an Olympic based support. I follow his career throughout the season and admire him as an athlete. I don't feel like that takes away from my patriotism at all. I love my country and if Canada had a ski team worth cheering for, I would definately be behind them. But the facts are simple: Bode Miller is a beast in all five disciplines he competes in and he's proven that in his first three races of these Olympics. Bronze in the Downhill, Silver in the Super G and his first ever Olympic Gold Medal in the Super Combined today. He's absolutely incredible and amazing to watch. I cheer for good athletes and I don't think it should matter what country they represent. I obviously want Canada to succeed in Vancouver, and so far the athletes are doing great and I'm proud of that. Aside from everything, congratulations Bode Miller on the win today.

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  1. babEE you write so well. i'm kind of happy i found this as i creeped your twitter just now. i'm gonna leave you comments always.
    <3 p.s your about me is so cute.